Georgia’s Attorney General, Chris Carr, Wants Robocalls Stopped

Georgia’s Attorney General is joining a coalition calling on the FCC to stop robocalls.

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr joined a coalition of forty-two other Attorneys General. The Attorneys General say the number of spoofed calls and the resulting financial losses have increased by nearly 50 percent in recent years.

The coalition delivered formal legal comments to the FCC, urging the agency to adopt its proposed rules on enforcement against caller ID spoofing on calls to the United States originating from overseas. The proposed rules would also address spoofing in text messages and alternative voice services.

Americans have received almost 18 billion spam robocalls in 2018. The FCC reports those scams have cost consumers $488 million in 2018 alone.

The FCC says if people get robocalls they should hang up. They also suggested getting a call blocking app or device. The agency also calls on people to report robocalls at so they can fight scams.