Dr. Houston’s Testimony Refuted in Court

Yesterday, a hearing was held in Chattooga County Superior Court regarding the recall petition against Chattooga County Board of Education Chairman John Agnew.  During the proceedings, Dr. Julia Houston was called for testimony in support of Mr. Agnew.  Dr. Houston testified regarding the agenda that was presented to the board of education for the first meeting of the board in January.

The attorney for Mr. Agnew was attempting to establish the idea that the public had time to know about the proposed change from the four-day to the five-day school week before the board voted to make the change.  The attorney for the chairman of the Recall Petition Committee was asserting that Mr. Agnew was in violation of the Chattooga County Board of Education’s Code of Ethics by allowing the vote on the matter to proceed without allowing for public input about a policy change, which is mandated by the Code of Ethics.

Dr. Houston testified that she saw the agenda online “at least a week before” the first meeting held on January 17, 2019.  On cross-examination the attorney for the Recall Committee quizzed Dr. Houston about when she first saw the agenda.  Dr. Houston began to change her story, saying that it might not have been a full week before the meeting, but she could not give a specific date.

Further testimony at the proceedings on Tuesday revealed that the agenda was not released to local media until January 16th, which would not have given community members proper time to request to speak before the board of education.

Judge Adelle Grubbs has not yet ruled on the recall petition. That ruling is expected in the upcoming days.