Better Business Bureau Scam Warning

The Better Business Bureau says that one of the most common scams they hear of when the weather warms up is door-to-door contractor scams.

A contractor stops by your house unexpectedly and says he just happens to be repaving a driveway nearby and has leftover material. He offers to repave your driveway for a really low price. Or a contractor looks at your chimney or roof and tells you it needs to be fixed even if it doesn’t. In such cases, he either takes your money without completing the work or he does a shoddy job.

Summer brings a spike in the number of unscrupulous contractors going door to door trying to sell such services, according to the BBB.

Home improvement scams reported to the BBB last year left consumers with a median loss of $1,255, says Hutt.

Don’t fall for it. Beware of anyone offering to do a repair unsolicited. When looking for a contractor, get referrals from family, friends, and others. And before agreeing to work with one, verify that the contractor has complied with the licensing and registration.