John Turner Resigns Chattooga BOE

Chattooga County Board of Education member John Turner announced his resignation at the Chattooga BOE meeting on Thursday evening after a tense exchange between the other members of the board.

Turner, who represents the Summerville District on the Board of Education, had asked that an item be placed on last night’s work session agenda for the council to consider doing a survey and studying the affects of a move from a four-day school week to a five-day school week.

The meeting opened with a statement from Board Chairman John Agnew reading a prepared statement warning those in attendance that if there were any spontaneous outbursts of applause or interruptions from the public, they would be removed from the meeting.  The Chairman cited the applause received after members of the public spoke in favor of the four-day school week at the previous board meeting as an example of “disorderly conduct.” Board member Sammy Ballard then made a motion to move the public comment portion of the meeting to the end of the meeting, once again echoing the charge that at the last meeting the public was out of order.  That motion passed with Dr. Julia Houston, Mr. Agnew and Mr. Ballard approving the motion.

The board then voted to remove Mr. Turner’s item on the agenda about a discussion on the four-day week.  That vote carried on a motion from Dr. Houston, a second from Mr. Ballard and with Houston, Agnew and Ballard voting in favor of the removal of the agenda.  When Mr. Turner asked for clarification on why the item was removed from the agenda, he was told by Mr. Agnew that he was “out of order.”

Mr. Turner then said that given the fact that the board was set on changing the calendar to a five-day week “there is no reason for me to remain on this board.”  He announced his resignation as of Monday of next week.